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Suicidal Thoughts

I have heard about quite a few suicides over my short lifetime and I never really thought that so many people would actually take their own lives. Thankfully, no one I truly care for has chosen to take the “easy way out”, and I am not sure if you can really consider it to be the easy way out to begin with. After all, choosing to take your own life does not seem to be an easy decision by any means. Obviously I feel this way because I am thinking clearly, and most people who choose to commit suicide are not thinking clearly at all. I know that depression and other illnesses can cause people to feel like suicide is the only way to win the war that is raging in their head, but there is no way that it can solve the problems they think it will. If I could ask someone who took their own life one question it would be: was it worth it? I wonder if someone who chose to commit suicide would say that it was the right decision and if they were in the same situation that they would do it again.

Depending on your religious views, you may think that once you die you will be transported to a better place than you are now. In reality suicide goes against what most religions teach, thus it is not rewarded.  If you believe that when you die your life simply ends and there is nothing more – then that really has to suck. Don’t get me wrong, life is tough sometimes, but there is not much logic in bowing out early if you only get one crack at it.

I find it hard to have sympathy for those who chose to commit suicide. I have sympathy for the mental anguish that they must have endured on a daily basis in order for them to get to such a weak point, but I do not have sympathy for the way they handled it. It is no secret that when you die the lives of the people who love you will be changed forever, and that selfishness is part of what makes me resent those who chose to commit suicide.

I know that all of this is easy for me to say because I have never contemplated suicide, and that really puts me in no position to speak negatively about those who have. All I am saying is there is no problem in life who’s only solution is suicide. When I really think about life and the world we live in, I realize that just because you die does not mean the world is over for everyone else – it is only over for you. To me that is a very lonely thought.


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