About John Rose

My name is John Rose. I am 22 years old. I am a finance major at Seton Hall University. A few things that interest me are sports, politics, exercising, and technology. I will try to keep the content of this blog as mature as possible, although sometimes being immature is too much fun to ignore. I hope you enjoy what you read and I encourage you to comment both the things you agree with as well as the things you disagree with. Thanks for visiting!

E-mail: johnsrosejr@gmail.com


3 responses to “About John Rose

  1. Sharon Reid

    Hi John,
    Are you aware that a former chief of the IMF was also called John Rose?

  2. Sharon – No, I was unaware of that. If that is true then that is pretty cool, as long as he didn’t attack female hotel workers too.

  3. PHD

    That’s untrue btw. Just google the IMF for a list for former chiefs.

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