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90 Lashes?

I read an article today about an Iranian actress who is being sentenced to one year in prison and 90 lashes. Her crime is that she starred in an Australian movie about how Islamic culture suppresses artistic expression.  What is funny to me is that by sentencing her for this “crime” they are only reinforcing what the movie is bringing to light. This shows how far behind many Islamic nations are. 90 lashes – that was an acceptable punishment a century ago. All Islamic countries need to take a look at what is happening in Egypt, Syria, and Lybia – the Arab Spring is a movement that shows no signs of slowing down. Although it is debatable whether or not the Arab Spring can be considered successful, the act of the people standing up to the wrong doings of their government certainly seems like a step in the right direction. I searched the internet a bit and found that women receiving lashes as a form of punishment is far from uncommon in nations such as Iran and Saudi Arabia.  Rather than hurting the backside of wrongdoers, why not adopt the American principle of hurting their wallet? When someone breaks a law here in the states they get a ticket. You need to pay that ticket in order to avoid further legal troubles. Generally, once you pay a few tickets you get tired of handing your hard earned money over to the government and you make it a point not to get any more fines. Like many people from my generation, it is hard for me to imagine the government being able to beat you. In reality America is not that far removed from a time where the government suppressed both women and African Americans, hopefully other nations undergo the changes that we did in the near future.

Here is a video about punishment in Saudi Arabia:


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