The Beauty of Blogging

Lately I have been thinking about my blog a lot. I have been thinking of tons of things – ways to change it, ways to make it more interesting, ways to attract more readers, etc. Currently, I average anywhere from 30-50 views per day, which is not horrible (especially because I only have been blogging for roughly 3 months). The last few days I have been probing and checking out what other bloggers have been up to – needless to say it was very humbling.

I never thought that so many people were so passionate about their blogs. There are literally blogs for almost anything I can think of. After reading a few different blogs the first thing that popped into my head was “how the hell do these people have the time to write such detailed entries?’ Some bloggers have entries that look like they spent more time writing it than I have ever spent on any project in my 4 years of college. Here is an example of what I am talking about: BirdAbroad. The blogger’s article about knock-off Apple stores that are popping up all around her has received a ton of attention. I respect that, it is a great entry. It is extremely well written and even has a few photographs serving as proof of her writing.  The funny thing is I read that blog last night, and this morning it was all over the internet. When I read it last night I said to myself, “Wow, this person must have spent a good amount of time taking pictures, organizing her thought, and writing this post.” And she probably has. That just goes to show how passionate she is about what she writes in her blog.

In order for me to create the type of blog that I want, I need to make some changes. I guess the first change I should make is become more dedicated to blogging. I’ll be the first to admit it – I get lazy. When I don’t blog it is not because I have nothing to write, it is because I am too lazy to actually type it. I also want to start taking more pictures – a lot more. A photo gallery is a nice addition to any blog, and it is simple to do too.

If there are any suggestions you would like to leave me, feel free to do so.



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4 responses to “The Beauty of Blogging

  1. Have a unique and memorable (short) domain name. Most of us think three 3-5 posts ahead. Never have a one post mind. Ever since I started two months ago I always think of my blog and what is going on on it. Yeah whenever you’re out you will definitely think about taking pictures of things to include in posts. But my biggest advice is think 3 posts ahead and make the content rich and relatable.

  2. Thanks for the insight. Three blogs ahead is pretty far thinking. I checked out your blog. I’d like to know more about it but I got confused when I read the “About” page. Please fill me in when you get a chance.

    • Not really if you try. Just think of themes. I have 14 letters currently I’m working on at the same time. Center what you want around a one-word theme then you will attract material for it. You have to check out more than the About page. The Letters are the main attraction. There are 60 as of today. Initially confusing but the more you read the better you will understand who is talking to who.

  3. Stick to things you like or want to learn. When you do a blog I’m sure you double check to be sure that facts you’re stating are correct and you do some extra reading on a topic or theme. Teaching someone something or explaining it is a great way for you to learn it even better yourself.

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