Same-Sex Marriage

Former New York Football Giants wide receiver/special teams player David Tyree has recently stated that same-sex marriage will lead to “anarchy”. I guess I will start by saying I am in favor of gay marriage. I do not particularly care if gay people can get married, my life will go unchanged and so will every other heterosexual’s life. Obviously, it will not be in a church, thus it is not the typical marriage most of us think of. It does not even have to be called marriage, the bottom line is committed gay couples should have the right to the benefits of marriage ( Now going back to Tyree’s comments – first and foremost, anarchy is defined as 1) the absence of government or 2) the absence or denial of any authority or established order.  So in Tyree’s mind, if gay people are allowed to marry then chaos will ensue and people will be fighting against the government like they are in Syria and Libya. Obviously he is speaking based on his religious views, and those religious views are making him sound pretty damn stupid. Gay marriage is legal in 5 states in America and those states still function normally. I do not consider myself to be religious and one of the reasons for that is I do not understand how a book written so long ago is supposed to tell me how to live my life today. It is 2011. Times change, people change, and laws need to change. It boggles my mind that gay marriage is consider a political issue. If you really care about the future of America then gay marriage should not be considered an issue at all.



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2 responses to “Same-Sex Marriage

  1. I can agree with you but this is not always true… another thing: what would everyone do if you won 4 billion dollars?

  2. If I won 4 billion dollars? I do not know what everyone else would do. I do know what I would do, and frankly I do not care what everyone else would do.

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