Future Mrs. Hefner is Current Runaway Bride

Apparently it is “news” that Hugh Hefner’s bride-to-be, Crystal Harris, dumped him days before their wedding ceremony. Honestly, what does Hugh expect? He is 85 years old, surrounds himself with beautiful women who are less than a quarter of his age, and he is filthy rich. How does he expect to find love like that? You cannot possibly tell me that the women he dates actually love him. He is old enough to be their great-grandfather. Obviously, it is great for him to be able to mess around with all those beautiful women but he cannot logically expect for them to love him. If he wasn’t rich and did not have the power to make these girls famous would they still be dating him? Not a chance in hell. Harris dumped him because she felt that she could not handle the lifestyle that Hefner leads, especially with all the other women around. I guess that thought only crossed her mind a few days before the wedding? Whatever. In the end this is just celebrity gossip, all of which I really don’t care for. Hef, you’re still the man. You are an 85-year-old pimp, you’re not cut out to be a husband.


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  1. what you can do with money…

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