Baddest Man on the Planet

One of my favorite YouTube videos.



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5 responses to “Baddest Man on the Planet

  1. Jake Madison


  2. Cpak

    I know why you like him so much because he is a Bad man. But he never beat a great fighter. Holy field and Lewis were older than Iron mike when they KO’ed him. Douglas KO’ed him when mike was 24. He never got off the canvas for a comeback and he never avenged any of these fights. When he tried to avenge against Holyfield, he was losing so he bit his ear. (don’t say headbutts because Iron Mike isn’t the cleanest fighter either). In the 90s Tyson also ducked out of a fight with Lewis so they stripped him of his WBC belt. (look it up).

    Ali lost to Shpinks and then beat him the 2nd time around (avenged). Ali was TKOed once and it was the doc who stopped it against Holmes. (NOT COMPARING THEM, just citing an example of a great)

    Not saying he wasn’t good. he was a good fighter, credit has to be given where credit is due. But his admittance into the boxing hall fame is more so because he is MEDIA ICON > GREAT FIGHTER. Don King promoted his ass like he was a great….

    Truth is, name one big name guy he KO’ed… He got beat down by Lewis Bad if you watch that fight.

    • Douglas was knocked down for more than 10 seconds and the ref let him get back up and continue fighting, then he caught tyson and knocked him out. I like Tyson because he is a fighter. Ali is a boxer. Tyson just wanted to manhandle you and beat the living shit out of you. That is why I like him. Towards the end of his career he was only fighting for the paycheck, didn’t give a fuck about the fight or the sport because he spent all his money and Don King stole whatever he had left. For someone who is so patriotic it is funny that you like Ali so much. He refused to fight in a war.

      As for naming 1 big name, the same can be said about any fighter. Who has Pacquiao beat? Mayweather?

  3. BTW larry holmes was 39 when Tyson beat him. Thats the one big name

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