People Are So Stupid

If you have read my “rant” on why I feel Facebook has taken a turn for the worse, then you obviously know how I feel about most of it’s users. The link above is to an article on about a woman who got a tattoo of her closest 152 Facebook friends. Honestly, that is probably one of the dumbest things I have read about in a while – exponentially dumber than “Weinergate”. I am not saying that the tattoo looks bad, but the idea behind it is stupid. Personally, I would not get anyone’s face tattooed on me if they would not get mine tattooed on them. And 152 people? I barely have 10 friends, never mind 152. Actually, I wouldn’t even want 152 friends in real life. This goes to show that some people take social networking sites too far. The line between reality and these websites is becoming seriously blurred. The article goes on to talk about other things people have done to pay tribute to their favorite social networking site. There is the Egyptian man who names his child “Facebook”, and then there is the Israeli parents who named their child “Like”. I feel sorry for every person who struggles to live a life outside of their make-believe one on Facebook.



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