Buster Posey Injury


Here is a video of the “controversial” play at the plate in which the San Francisco Giants superstar catcher gets rocked at home plate by Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins (you may have to click the image for the video to begin playing). The collision resulted in a broken fibula and three torn ligaments in Posey’s leg, obviously ending his season. A lot of people are trying to say that this was a dirty play and that Cousins could have slid in behind Posey and still scored. It is a tie ball game in the 12th inning with 2 outs, Posey appears to have the ball and be turning to lay a tag on Cousins, what is he suppose to do just give up and let Posey tag him out? The play is not as dirty as a lot of analysts and San Fransisco fans are making it seem. It was a hard-nose play and that is what you should expect to see out of a professional athlete. Yea, Posey was defenseless but that is a part of the position, you are going to be vulnerable at times. It is not like Cousins intended on hitting him and ending his season.

Giants GM Brian Sabean said, “If I never hear from Cousins again, or he doesn’t play another day in the big-leagues, I think we’ll all be happy. He chose to be a hero, in my mind. If that’s his flash of fame, that’s as good as it’s going to get. We’ll have a long memory. We talked to (former Giants catcher) Mike Matheny about how this game works. You can’t be that out-and-out overly aggressive. …There’s no love lost and there shouldn’t be.” Obviously he got punished for his asinine statement, but if that was one of his players running over the Marlins catcher to score a run do you think he would have had a problem with it? Absolutely not. It is part of the game. If you take away home plate collisions then you might as well take away the ability to break up double-plays. Maybe Sabean should go be the GM for a softball team.



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2 responses to “Buster Posey Injury

  1. Jake Madison

    HoFer Mike Schmidt on Buster Poesy play: We wouldn’t even be talking about this if Posey hadn’t been seriously injured.

    • He is right. I was looking for a video of the top ten home plate collisions but could not find anything. I am sure that there are far more “dirty” hits than this one.

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