Surprise surprise, another politician caught acting like a jackass. If you have not read or heard about “Weinergate” here is a little run down. Representative Anthony Weiner of New York (D) apparently posted a picture on twitter of the bulge in his underwear and directed it towards a college woman in Seattle. When asked about it he said he was not sure whether or not it was him. You’re not sure?! You’re a politician – you lie every single day – and you can’t simply say no that was not me? Hell, even if your face is in the picture & you are holding your driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate you better still say it was not you.  By not flat-out denying it he is making things so much worse. This is not the first suspicious tweet surrounding Weiner, hopefully for him it is his last. I am not sure why he does not delete his account, especially if he is going to use it to show off his junk and openly flirt with other women whom he is not married to. Below is a short video clip of an interview conducted yesterday.


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