NBA: Old School vs. New School

Here is an article from Yahoo! saying how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar essentially thinks that old-time players like Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russel are the greatest to ever play – not Michael Jordan or LeBron James. Now the James argument will be settled when he is done with his career and has a few championships, and Michael is the greatest to ever play – period. I am not saying that Wilt and Russel weren’t among the greatest, but honestly who did they play? The article says that when Wilt played there were 8 teams. What Kareem should consider is if you take the 5 best players in their prime from the last 20 years and match them up against the 5 best players from 20 years before that – I think the players from the last 20 years would spank them. Players today are so much bigger, stronger, and faster than they were back then. Look at LeBron alone. He is a freak – 6’8 tall, 250 pounds. He does it all too: dribble, shoot, block shots, rebounds, passes, etc. I am not trying to put down the talent that was around back in the day, no doubt there were great players. Comparing the players then to players now is like apples to oranges. And if apples were to play oranges I am betting on oranges.


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