Gas Prices

Here is an article on giving reasons why we should all love paying $5.00 for a gallon of gas. None of the stated reasons are remotely good enough to justify paying that much for gas. Fewer deaths on the road? I am not sure how believable that is.  Shorter security lines at the airport? Who cares? No more wars? More exercise? If you really think higher gas prices will end wars then you are very naive. And if you think high gas prices are going to spark Americans to get healthier and walk everywhere you must not know that many Americans. The only thing high gas prices will do is force Americans to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. The Saudi king wants gas prices to go down because he fears that the higher they stay, the quicker Americans will develop alternative energy sources. Even if gas prices do drop, we should still rush to develop alternative energy sources because that will help free us from having to depend on other nations for oil. We get our oil from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Iraq. Granted these are not the only countries that we do business with, but these countries are not exactly our allies. The various political protests going on in Middle Eastern countries causes gas prices to go up. It is not smart for America to depend on nations who do not have stable governments for something that we need every single day.



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4 responses to “Gas Prices

  1. PHD

    Well it just may not be that efficient or cost effective to rush research if gas stays low since because as you said you are dealing with American’s who don’t like to think ahead. They are very stubborn and don’t have a great grasp of the market economy. How would you feel about just drilling more in America. We have larger proven oil reserves than most of the countries we import from but with restrictions and drilling bans the way they are we can’t tap it. Would you be for tapping it in America? Even at the so called cost of the environment. People say there is no nice way to get to it without messing stuff up.

    Personally I agree with you. Let’s roll out electric or better yet hydrogen cars which could remove the need for electricity all together. Realistically though cars like the volt will help improve fuel economy but at the same time with the way the world uses cars the quantity effect will overtake the quantity effect. So electric cars will at best reduce that impact. When Chinese people demand cars oil will shoot up. America is really a unique place when it comes to car ownership per household.

  2. You’re right, America is unique when it comes to car ownership, that is why we need to be innovative when it comes to alternative energy because for many other countries it is not as big of a problem. I 100% think that we should tap into the oil reserves in America. I know it poses a risk to the environment, but if it is done responsibly I think the chances of extracting it with minimal environmental damage is high. I mean it is 2011, I would like to think that if we can explore on Mars we could drill up some oil without spilling it all over the place.

  3. Cpak

    I’m beginning to believe all this environmental talk, oil shortage talk, and any other news tied into the price of oil is fabricated. Kind of how traders/markets are affected by information and news. Oil companies want to create this type of “oil is bad” thing here and we must pay more for it, like cigarettes and alcohol (government benefits too ! think about it and If they’re no creating it, they still most likely use it). I have to do more research and get some numbers and articles behind this; but just throwing this out there; Tankers are often told to sit off the coast and not come in and deliver until the price rises ?

    Yeah… I’m pretty sure we would have some more urgency and laws against that if we were planing on running out (Worldwide) even in the next 10 decades… The pile up would start now.

    I’m pretty sure that there is a couple centuries of drill-able oil in the world. Who gets what ? well….. let them Fight. I want to drive my 5.7L v8…. Fuck the Chinese

    • It is basic supply and demand. We need oil. The oil industry is a monopoly (OPEC) and since we need it, they can charge far higher prices than what they should be. If we continue to develop more oil alternatives it will help stabilize the price of oil. For lack of better words, they current have us by the balls. We need our balls back.

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