Ray Ray

Here is a video of Ray Lewis’ interview with Sal Paolantonio that aired on ESPN this past weekend. I will start by saying that I admire Ray and the work he does within the community. I also admire the way he flat-out brings it every single time he straps pads on. Every time he is on television he is so intense that it makes you feel like you are watching a wrestling superstar put on an act, not an NFL superstar. Anyway, the statement he made saying crime will increase if there is no NFL season because people live through NFL players is a little absurd. I get what he is saying – the NFL preoccupies a lot of people on Sundays so perhaps they are less inclined to go out and partake in criminal activities when their team is playing. If you put it into perspective, the NFL gives fans something to do 1 day out of the week, usually for 5 hours if you watch a game plus some highlights. Does that really significantly reduce the crime rate? Probably not. I doubt there are thugs out there who say “man I’d love to go hold up the gas station with you, but the Ravens are on at 4:30pm and they are playing the Steelers so maybe next week.” I like how he plans on giving back to the less fortunate during the current lockout, and certainly more players should follow in his footsteps. Whether players like it or not they are role models to a lot of people. Another player who is spending his free time wisely is Denver Broncos’ safety David Bruton. In an article on Yahoo!.com Bruton explains how he has been substitute teaching at his former high school in Ohio to keep busy. He makes $90.00 per day, and he obviously is not doing it for the money. It is important to realize that Bruton also graduated from Notre Dame. The current lockout should send a message to all current NFL players and NCAA players – finish your education. Troy Polamalu recently went back to USC to finish his degree. Hopefully more players begin to realize that they cannot put all of their hopes and dreams into the NFL. The fact that it is a high impact sport with a good chance of getting seriously injured should make these athletes realize that they are going to need an education to fall back on when their body, or their bosses, fail them.


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