Bravo Barry

Barry Bonds = cheating juice head. Above are two pictures that show his physical transformation from when he joined the San Fransisco Giants and his physique the during the last 5 years of his career. Essentially any media coverage surrounding Bonds in the last decade has painted him as a juiced up cheater who hated doing interviews and was jerk to everyone. These things are true – he did do steroids which is technically cheating (under the current MLB rules) and he did hate speaking to the media and was a jerk most of the time. Today news came out that Barry will pay Bryan Stow’s children’s college bills. Bryan Stow is the San Fransisco Giants fan who got brutally beaten outside of Los Angels Dodgers Stadium and has been in a coma for the last two months. Stow is also an EMT & a single father. Apparently Bonds’ contribution occurred when he visited Stow last month but nothing was said about it. I personally do not care that Bonds did steroids, or anyone from that era did steroids. It was not illegal then. Owners knew what was going on. Should he have just came out and admitted it? Certainly. No matter what you think of Bonds, a gesture such as this shows that he is not as self-centered as he is often portrayed. People will have a much tougher time hating him if he continues to do things such as this.


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