Hey Arnold!@#$

I can’t help but laugh at Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent divorce from his wife. It was announced this week that the meathead ex-governor of California is going through a divorce with his wife after he confessed to fathering a child with one of the maids who clean their house. The somewhat funny part is the fact that this happened 14 years ago. Apparently the child even visited the house on occasion, and the maid was pregnant the same time his wife was pregnant. It must have been quite a sight for him to be sitting home watching television with his pregnant wife while his pregnant maid cleaned the house. The maid was also married at the time, so I wonder if her husband actually thought the child was his at some point. This is not the first time Arnold has been in hot water when it comes to infidelity and womanizing. He has also been accused of groping female members of his staff while he was in office.

I do not find it to be such a big deal that he is a habitual groper/womanizer. There are countless statistics on the percentage of men and women that commit adultery in some shape or form. I personally think that it is naive of us to think that we are monogamous creatures. It is natural for humans to have multiple sex partners through out their lives, and unnatural to only have one. The difference is the marriage aspect. When you make a vow to be with one person for the rest of your life, you should be honorable enough to uphold that vow. If you cannot then you should not get married. Schwarzenegger is certainly not the first politician to go through something like this, and certainly will not be the last. What I do not understand is how these men rely on their reputation to build their career and still try to hide their dirty little secrets. As a politician you are expected to have morals, yet so many of them throw away everything they have worked for because they cannot remain faithful. I know that the number of men who are unfaithful in relationships is greater than the number of women who are unfaithful, but I feel like women get off easy in that aspect. There are plenty of women who go out and cheat on their spouse while their spouse is remaining faithful. Marriage is pointless if both people have to struggle to fight the urge to commit adultery. Oscar Wilde said it best, “They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever.”



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2 responses to “Hey Arnold!@#$

  1. PHD

    What I think is also funny is the twitter coverage Arnold’s kids are putting out. Like changing their last names to Shrivner. Come on, it’s your dad. I’m sure his kids had to know what was happening. Maybe its just me but I think these cues kind of give themselves away. Ever go to dinner with dad and he has a 2 hour bathroom visit? While the man has flaws at least he was their in the relationship. Let me know how you take that whole aspect. I agree that as a husband he broke his “vow” but do you think that made him a bad father or failure somehow?

    • johnsrosejr

      I guess it all depends on how home life was for the children. If they have a healthy strong bond with their father then maybe they would be understanding about it. But the fact that they changed their names and resent him for it show that they probably did not have the best relationship. If they feel that he ruined their family and hurt their mother I can totally understand that. I mean if your father was in the news several times for womanizing the way Arnold has been you are probably sitting there like hey dad what the hell is wrong with you? If his children resent him for what he did they have every right to do so.

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