Free Syria

You will probably have to log into youtube to view this video, but it is footage of a few Syrian men trying to retrieve the dead bodies of a mother and her son. The men are shouting “God is great”. The mother and son were shot and killed by the Syrian government. From what I have read on the internet and heard on the news, the people of Syria are no longer in favor of their current government leaders and want to overthrow them. The government leaders are responding by killing them and claiming that the people who they kill are “spys” and “terrorists”. There are also reports of a mass unmarked grave that they found with up to 20 bodies including women and children.

Government uprisings seem to be happening more frequently in Middle Eastern/Muslim countries. The people of these countries are getting too smart to be oppressed by their government, which has led to large protests. Their governments have been responding with violence, which begs the question who is going to step in and save these people? I am not saying that America should be the one to send troops because they certainly have enough on their plate and no politician in their right mind will be sending troops anywhere in the next decade. I know it is not logical for a country to get involved in another countries “business” (unless you are the United States of course), but in situations like these it is necessary. Maybe the French should do something productive for once. I guess this is what we have the United Nations for although they are just as powerless as the people being shot. I cannot imagine living in a country such as Syria or Libya and being in constant fear of my government. Truthfully, many more innocent lives will be taken before the Syrian people get what they are asking for – freedom.

It is no secret that many Americans do not think highly of Muslims since September 11th, 2001 and frankly most of the news we have seen relating to Muslims has not helped their image. These are supposed to be people of faith and peace, however it seems that their faith is leading to everything but peace.


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