Heat vs Bulls: Game 1

Being that this is my first blog topic related to sports, I’ll start by saying I really am not a fan of a particular NBA team, I am more a fan of individual players. My favorite player is Kobe Bryant and I can watch him shoot all day. I also like Derrick Rose for the simple fact that we share the same last name. It is hard to go against LeBron James & Dwayne Wade because they are both great players, but I do think the fact that they “joined forces” is a rather cheap way to try to get a ring. I must admit, they are fun to watch. With the NBA lockout looming it would probably make more sense to cut the small market teams and then distribute the talent amongst the larger market teams. I am not saying that it would be fair to the fans of the small market teams, but from a business perspective that is probably the NBA’s best bet. On top of that, the NBA season is far too long. They are pretty close to becoming a year-round sport with the way their playoff schedule is. If the season was shorter, and the amount of teams were reduced, the games would mean a lot more and the quality of the games would be better.

With that said, last night’s game was pretty shocking. LeBron definitely lost gamblers a ton of money with his prediction that the series is going to be low scoring. The Bulls won 103-82, the 21 point loss was unexpected by me to say the least, especially because the Bulls really do not have much of an offense outside of D. Rose. I guess it goes to show that two men cannot do everything for a team. Wade and LeBron both couldn’t get it going, although Chris Bosh chipped in with 30 points (something has not happened often in the playoffs). This series will be interesting to say the least, I hope it goes the distance to the 7th game. I have to say, part of me is pulling for the Heat because for some reason I do want them to win a championship. Overall, I won’t be upset with who wins the series so it will be fun to watch.

Prediction: Bulls in 7.



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3 responses to “Heat vs Bulls: Game 1

  1. Jake Madison

    Cheap way to get a ring? Come on? He joined with 1 other superstar to get a ring, many other players have other great players with them on a team. Nobody does it alone. Cleveland had nobody on that team for 7 years. He led them to the NBA Finals has a 23 year old. Bosh is a top 25 player in the league and there bench is horrible. Wait till they build there team for next year. They will have a 3 peat.

    Agree with the nba situation but you can’t just get rid of teams like that. 4 cities at most.

    Lebron was actually correct and won the gamblers money on the vegas line UNDER, but its because his team only scored 82.
    Give the bulls credit came out on ther homecourt which they have the whole playoffs because of best record. Also they were underdogs in this game, the home team best team record wise in the league that is just unreal. They had something to prove to themselves and they came out swinging. Great tight d, worked Miami on the boards, and the crowd was rocking. By the way you see those Taj Gibson dunks… Dammmm

    Im going to stick to my prediction of Heat in 6, Heat come out on top in Game 2, Lebron and Wade just too much, taking home court away from the bulls having the next 2 games back at home. But after last night 7 wouldn’t be that bad.

    • Well Jake, we will just have to wait and see. I do think that LeBron & Wade will be too much to handle over a 7 game series, but since the Bulls got game one they can certainly go back and forth. The Heat have yet to beat the Bulls this season and that is because of what you just said, they do not get enough boards. No matter who wins I want the winner of this series to win it all.

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